What is Matsusaka Beef?

What is Matsusaka beef?

Matsusaka Ushi (Matsusaka beef) is Japan's most exclusive and revered wagyu, whose existence till date has been closely guarded for consumption only in Japan. This is due to its rarity, extreme high quality, and high domestic demand.

Although Kobe beef is more commonly known to international markets, Japan has kept the very best for their own domestic consumption. The true champion and number one wagyu in Japan, recognised by all Japanese and beef connoisseurs from around the world, is none other than the Queen of all wagyu, Matsusaka Ushi.

Definition of Matsusaka beef

There are strict conditions to be met for a cattle to be accredited as Matsusaka Ushi. The following are notable conditions that set Matsusaka Ushi apart from the rest:

  • Only virgin female cattle (heifers) are raised to become Matsusaka Ushi. This provides the wagyu to be in its purest form, giving Matsusaka Ushi its truly unique superior flavour and tenderness.
  • Interbreeding is strictly forbidden and only the best pedigree heifers are accepted.
  • The heifers must be raised in the Matsusaka region.
  • Unlike most other wagyu cattle that are raised for around two years (24-27 months), Matsusaka heifers are raised for a minimum 32 months, with the top grade Matsusaka heifers reaching 42 months of age. This longer slow feeding period gives the beef a more developed flavour and the unmatched beautiful well distributed marbling.

Matsusaka Ushi is a piece of perfection. The well distributed fine marbling "sashi" forms an intricate pattern on it's meat, like a beautiful piece of art. Its flavour is unmatched by any other beef in the world, beautifully balanced, releasing a burst of intense umami that increases with every bite. One can only describe the Matsusaka Ushi eating experience as simply "Wagyu Heaven".