Our Story

Mitsu Boshi, which means Three Stars in Japanese, was conceived from an unlikely friendship between two of our founding partners, that blossomed through Honesty and Sincerity (誠 - MAKOTO), Loyalty and Integrity (忠義 - CHŪGI), and Respect (礼 - REI), that they have shown each other over the years. This friendship paved the way to make history by being the first and only establishment in Singapore and Hong Kong, to be able to officially export Japan's number one wagyu, Matsusaka Ushi, out of Japan. These three meaningful virtues now forms the core guiding principles and culture of our company, as represented each by a star of our logo.

Our management team combines over 40 years of experience starting right from the farm, import/export, foodservice and wholesale supply & distribution, right through to retailing and F&B restaurants. Our experience encompassing every step of the value chain provides us with the tools to better advice and serve our clients.

From personal and professional observations of the food and beverage industry, we see diners being more aware and understanding the importance of provenance and quality of the produce used at restaurants they dine at. Diners are moving towards consuming in moderation and appreciating the produce that they consume, over quantity. It is following this believe that we only source from ethical and authentic producers.

Our mission is to create accessibility and be a trusted supplier of high quality produce. Starting with being the Brand Ambassador for Matsusaka Ushi, through promoting and creating access internationally.

The journey to realise this dream was a lengthy one facing many obstacles, with some seemingly impossible to overcome. However, through sheer perseverance, sincerity, and patience, that we are finally able to make history, and fill the most elusive missing piece in relation to international access of Japanese Wagyu.