Why Us?

We are an honest business that believes in quality and offering genuine produce. Every cattle we import comes with full traceability, including an official Matsusaka Beef Certificate issued by the Matsusaka Beef Council that includes the Birth Certificate of the cattle, as well as, the cattle's unique ID number. To officially authenticate the quality grade, each of our cattle comes with a Beef Carcass Grading Certificate, from the Japan Meat Grading Association.

There are more than 200 wagyu brands in Japan of varying quality. Having experienced and seen profiteering due to the lack of information available and insufficient exposure to the various offerings of wagyu, we hope to offer, in whatever way we can, a deeper understanding of Japanese wagyu, what goes into nurturing every wagyu masterpiece, the wonderful flavours, textures, and what differentiates champion producing farms versus general farms. Even within each wagyu brand, the quality differs between its farms. We believe that consumers have a right to information and accurate genuine representation of products that are being sold to them. Consumers can then make informed decisions on their decision to purchase.

We have a direct relationship with close friend and business partner, Hiroki Ito san, who is the third generation owner currently helming over the multi-award winning, and only Matsusaka ranch, to ever have received the Grand Champion Cattle prize for 3 consecutive years in the annual Matsusaka Beef Carcass Contest, Ito Ranch. Unlike many who falsely claim to purchase direct from farm, implying a relationship with the farmer, we actually do! Matsusaka cattle that we import are personally selected by Ito san himself, to ensure only the very best gets sent to us. So our customers can rest assured of its quality.

Ito Matsusaka Ushi 'Private Label' may not be the cheapest Japanese wagyu in the market. However, we hope that by sharing information, consumers will come to understand that the costs involved in nurturing a top quality champion wagyu cattle differs greatly from raising a general graded cattle. Other than raising and slow feeding Ito Matsusaka Ushi 'Private Label' cattle by approximately an additional year more than other wagyu brands, having to secure and procure top quality pedigree virgin heifer calves with champion lineage, quality of feed, more attention to nurturing, welfare and happiness of cattle, etc. are some examples of the additional costs involved.

We believe Ito Matsusaka Ushi 'Private Label' will arguably be the highest quality and best eating wagyu available to consumers, and are confident you won't be disappointed.